Air Exchange Systems

Air Options are able to offer a range of ventilation packages which are typically site specific installations to meet clients and local authority requirements.

Installations can include packaged “all in one” supply and extract packages or where more specialist separate supply and extract solutions.


We supplied and installed for a laboratory a site specific solution with the main criteria being high air exchange rates as well as site specific air pressures to ensure airflow passage into and out of rooms was controlled to ensure no cross contamination.

The solution was engineered with the room volume measured and fan units selected to achieve the desired air exchange and pressure requirements, this also took into account some air losses as well as % dirty filters which would occur naturally over time reducing airflow’s.


Both supply and extract fans where manufactured by Helios, from their acoustic range to minimise noise levels when in operation. The ductwork infrastructure was all located above a plasterboard ceiling, with all ductwork installed to a high specification to minimise leakage with the use of duct work with integral rubber seals where possible.

Whilst the fan units where independent in nature these where connected to a “common” controls package to allow for a single point of operation, including air pressure switches to give visual indication of fan operation.


Once supplied and installed the systems where test run and further balanced to ensure correct airflow’s / pressures and air quality is maintained within the laboratory area, all undertaken by our in-house engineers.


We are able to design / supply and install a range of solutions to meet your requirements, these can be:


  • Forced Supply “Purged” Airflow.
  • Extraction / Decontamination.
  • Background Ventilation.
  • Specialist High Risk Applications.
  • Fixed or Mobile Solutions.


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Key project points
  • Building: Laboratory Services
  • Location: London
  • Manufacturer: Helios / Specialist
  • Heating & Cooling: N/A
  • Ventilation: Yes - Supply + Extract
  • Appointment Objectives: Assess, Consult, Design & Install