Commercial / Industrial Brewery Temperature Control

Air Options was approached to offer a temperature control package to serve a well known Brewery / Taproom, who where looking to improve temperature control in their public open bar / brewing area.

Initially we where approached to review the options which typically requires some design scope / input from the client to ensure any new system meet their expectations / budgets.  This would typically be the issue of site level measured drawings or site photos and address so we get a feel of the building / structure and possible constraints.


From drawings received we are typically able to offer  initial design concepts and budgets as a starting point, we feel this is useful when we attend site to undertake a detailed survey so we have a productive meeting and move design options forward quickly.

The initial option considered due to the open and exposed format of the roof pitch was to supply and install multiple high capacity  exposed ducted units, these would be evenly spaced and have the option to connect to either low velocity / even airflow ductwork or local double deflection grilles offering localised airflow with intgral adjustment.

The final scheme comprised the supply and installation of multiple Fujitsu high capacity ducted type units spaced throughout the building to offer an industrial finish, outdoor units where selected to minimise size and maximise efficiency.

All systems had the option for heating and cooling and now the area has significantly improved temperature control through all seasons ensuring staff and customers remain comfortable.






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Key project points
  • Building: Industrial Warehouse North London
  • Manufacturer: Fujitsu
  • Scope: Temperature Control For Staff / Customers
  • Indoor Design: Ducted, High Capacity
  • Finish Appearance: Industrial Exposed
  • Air Flow Format: Localised Adjustable Grilles / Diffusers
  • Control Options: Heating + Cooling + Fan Only
  • Timescale: 2 Weeks