Complete HVAC Overhaul / Refurbishment

Replacement and installation of Trend BMS System. Our brief was to upgrade the inoperable existing BMS system to control all of the services we were appointed to refurbish.

Water Chillers. The original chillers were installed within the basement and poorly designed from day one, given heat rejection was limited. The original chillers were disconnected and two new Daikin chillers installed within the car park area and piped accordingly. Changeover was carried out over a bank holiday weekend with no downtime.

Internal fan coils. We undertook refurbishment of 200 internal 4 pipe fan coils. Refurbishment included cleaning coils, valve and actuator replacement, back flushing, replacing fan motors and BMS outstation upgrade. All refurbishment was carried out during evenings and weekends to avoid disruption.

The existing computer room air conditioning had been notoriously unreliable and the old water chilled systems were replaced with Mitsubishi PEFD close control systems. The Mitsubishi systems were then linked to a Synapsys and Trend interface allowing remote support and interrogation.

The above was carried out over a nine month period with meticulous planning and project management. We pride ourselves in delivering technically excellent packages whilst minimising disruption to the client in delivering the solution we’ve engineered. We continue to maintain the equipment and offer remote support via the BMS web browser facility.

Should you have a building that requires the existing services refurbished, or replaced, large or small, call Air Options today.

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Key project points
  • Building: 3 Storey Office Refurbishment
  • Location: Slough, Berkshire
  • Manufacturer: Daikin Chillers & Mitsubishi Electric VRF
  • Heating & Cooling: Heat Pump & Water Chillers
  • Ventilation: Fresh Air & Extraction via Air Handling
  • Appointment Objectives: Design, Refurbishment & Replacement of HVAC Services
  • Engineering Achievements: On Budget, On Time With Minimal Disruption
  • Energy Savings: Yes
  • Enhanced Capital Allowances: In Part
  • Budget: £1,200,000 +/-
  • Timescale: 9 Months
  • Project Success: 100%