Fresh Air Ventilation & Extract System Servicing

Here at Air Options, no job is too large or too small. Our service department were called and asked to attend a retail store on Commercial Street, East London with the client reporting their ventilation fresh air supply and extract system was not performing as it should. On initial inspection we found their external grille that supplies the fresh air was blocked with dirt and oily deposits limiting the airflow dramatically.

The client was forwarded a report outlining our findings and a detailed quotation summarising the next steps to remedy the fresh air ventilation and extraction short falls. With a go ahead from the customer, we attended promptly to conduct an intensive deep clean of the ventilation fresh air and extract components. Due to the external grille being in close proximity of the public footpath and accessed via a ladder, we ensured there were two engineers allocated to keep both the general public and our engineer safe.

Our engineers conducted the following:

  • Remove cover to both external grills.
  • Isolate power supply (local to unit).
  • Wash and clean unit (in place) using specialist and suitable cleaner.
  • Allow sufficient drying time.
  • Replace cover.
  • Reinstate power supply and run test in all modes.

Upon our engineer reinstating the power and running tests, our customer was delighted with the improvements to the airflow within the retail unit and the visual improvements to the grille externally. This is an example of a relatively cost effective and simple fix, giving big results and improvements.

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Key project points
  • Building: Retail Space
  • Locaction: East London
  • Ventilation: Fresh Air
  • Filtration: Manufacturer standard
  • Objectives: Deep Clean extraction system
  • Budget: £785.00