Restaurant Air Conditioning Installation

Air Options was appointed to supply and install a heating and cooling solution for a local restaurant that was being fully refurbished and extended.

We initially reviewed the site drawings / proposals to gain an understanding of occupancy / void depths and possible locations for indoor / outdoor plant as well as considering possible interconnection services runs.

We opted to supply and install 4-way cassettes as manufactured by Daikin from their Sky Air FCQ range of products as these offered  the required capacities / coverage and build quality requested from the client.

Systems where all installed as 1-1 split type solutions with each indoor connecting to separate / independent outdoor units, this improved resilience of the design as well as allowing for all units to be operated to a separate mode / set point.

The cassette units where all discreetly installed within plasterboard ceilings, with the required openings and access arrangements co-ordianted with Air Options.

Alongside the Daikin cassette installations we undertook the supply and installation of a separate / dedicated cooling solution for the celler, comprising low temperature / cooling only unit  for wines / beers as well as outdoor air cooled condenser.


All Systems where installed and phased within the build program, with first fix works undertaken and pressure tested, with indoor and and outdoor units to follow where needed on site.

Once all systems where installed these where commissioned by Air Options engineers and testrun with controls demonstrated to the client.


These systems since installed are maintaining a comfortable temperature for customers and staff, ensuring a memorable experience for all.






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Key project points
  • Building: Restaurant
  • Location: Essex
  • Manufacturer: Daikin
  • Heating & Cooling: YES
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Objectives: Consult, Design & Install