VRF Replacement – Office Heating + Cooling

Air Options has been designing / installing and maintaining equipment in excess of 20 years and strives to provide industry leading products.

An existing clients site had 4x Mitsubishi Electric “City Multi” systems installed that where inspected and found to be inoperable / faulty, had previous attempts to repair by others.

Upon inspection and evaluation we offered several options and design packages to replace with various combinations of units / indoors / capacities and efficiencies.


The client opted to replace the systems as a similar “like for like” replacement, be it redesigning indoor units to offer a more unified indoor format, using 950×950 and 600×600 4-way cassette units from Mitsubisbi’s PLFY range of products.

As part of the installation we also reviewed and recommended some upgraded options to include some additional spare ports on the system CMB BC Controllers as well as a centralised controller to allow for improved temperature control and scheduling.

As part of the replacement the outdoor units where dismantled by the manufacturer and reassembled at site level to avoid the need for a on site crane that would have required road closures and delayed the delivery of the project.


Separate from the City Multi replacement we also offered independent standalone systems to cover Comms / IT Areas and common areas which proved to be more energy efficient where these are used for background temperature control / 24/7 cooling.


These systems now benefit from:

✓       Warranted Installation.
✓       Re-use of pipework, reducing replacement costs and disruption.
✓       Manufacturer Supported Products.
✓       Improved efficiency, lowering carbon emissions and reducing energy costs
✓       Latest controls strategy.
✓       Flexible, upgraded system with additional units installed.
✓       R410a / R32 refrigerant in line with current industry standards.

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Key project points
  • Building: Multi Storey
  • Location: London
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric
  • Heating & Cooling: Simultaneous Heating & Cooling
  • Refrigerant: R410a – R32
  • Objectives: Assess, Consult, Design & Install
  • Energy Savings: Refurbishment / Upgrade
  • Budget: £200K+
  • Timescale: Phased Program