Laboratory Refurbishments

Air Options has been designing / installing and maintaining equipment in excess of 20 years and has undertaken many refurbishments within hospitals and laboratories.

These sites require careful planning to ensure continuity of services both HVAC (retaining existing or temporary) as well as day to day running of the medical services.

We have completed multiple sites which have been either empty “shell and core”  works or phased replacements within operational areas.

Services we have installed includes temporary short term air conditioning systems to maintain services with the ability to be removed / refitted / relocated during the course of the works.

Phased heating / cooling systems designed to offer maximum flexibility for future “add on” connectivity.

Staggered systems to ensure critical areas are covered by multiple systems to maximise resilience of design and backup.


As part of these works systems have been installed to re-use and modify existing ventilation packages where these are deemed suitable with duct work all undertaken by our own directly employed in house engineers.

We are also able to supply and install new ventilation packages offering heat recovery features providing both freshair and extraction alongside speciliast extraction for sluice and process air removal.

All works are designed and installed using directly employed time served engineers with sites being fully managed by our in house project management team.

Installations are designed to offer:

  • Replacement of redundant or ageing plant unsupported by manufactures.
  • Replacement with market leading manufactures such as Daikin / Mitsubishi Electric / Toshiba.
  • Latest R32 refrigerant where possible to reduce Global Warming Potential in line with trusts environmental policies.
  • Improved efficiency, lowering carbon emissions and reducing energy costs..
  • Warranted manufacturer approved installations.
  • Increased capacity and long term resilience of design.
  • Meeting and exceeding current legislation.
  • Allowing for independent standalone 24/7 operation reducing the load on other existing HVAC services.



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Key project points
  • Building: Laboratory Services
  • Location: London Regions
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi / Daikin / Toshiba
  • Heating & Cooling: Yes
  • Ventilation: Yes - Supply + Extract
  • Refrigerant: R410
  • Objectives: Refurbishment / Upgrade
  • Timescale: Phased / Staged