Meeting Room Air Conditioning

Air Options working alongside one of its existing customers was asked to review the options to improve the aesthetics of one of their existing meeting rooms.


The existing installation comprised a wall mounted type unit that was approx 10-12 years old which no longer suited the high end finish of the meeting room, with this looking quite obtrusive and an ageing design.

We reviewed the room loading’s / existing system rating and offered two options for the clients consideration.

Options where either a like for like replacement wall mounted unit, be it using an alternative manufacturer to improve the finish and look of the unit or a low floor / wall mounted cased chassis unit.

Airflow and design discussions took place and the client opted for the low floor / wall mounted version opting for this given a more discrete installation and allowing the wall space to be left clear for other uses / displays.

The existing wall unit was decommissioned / refrigerant reclaimed for environmental disposal with indoors and outdoors disposed of. The new unit was fitted complete with new interconnections, ensuring no warranties where compromised.  Once installed systems where pressure tested / commissioned and handed over to the client / demonstrated.


The unit recommended was Mitsubishi Electrics MFZ Floor Mounted System, from the M-series range of products, offering inverter speed control, swing vane louvre and 7 day timeclock, This system further offers excellent energy efficiency being A+/A++ rated from a very compact and shallow unit.


The works needed to be completed within a tight timescale to minimise the meeting room being unavailable and the client now has a new unobtrusive solution for the heating and cooling needs.


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Key project points
  • Building: Office Building
  • Location: West London
  • Manufacturer: Mitsubishi Electric
  • Heating & Cooling: YES
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Objectives : Upgrade / Improve Cooling