Panasonic Commercial Air Conditioning Installation

Air Options was asked to attend a site in Shoreditch for a local faculties company to review the option to supply and install cooling to an existing office block.

We attend site initially to review the layout / building constraints and found that the building currently benefited from LPHW radiators for heating as well as openable windows for background ventilation and natural airflow to assist with cooling.

Regrettably given the site location at peak times opening windows proved to be insufficient and a separate dedicated cooling package was needed.

We designed a Panasonic mini VRV ECOi¬† 2 pipe heat pump solution, benefitting from a compact outdoor footprint unit connected to multiple indoor S-MU 4-way cassette units fitted in an “exposed” format.

Internally the biggest constraint was to install the indoor units to work alongside the existing lighting and services with the building having no suspended ceiling.

These where co-ordinated between the lights and installed on galvanised drop rods with additional galvanised tray work fitted to run alongside the existing services.

All internal works also need to be completed out of hours with the engineers working evenings to minimise the disruption / co-ordinated with the client, including risers to the roof through other tenants areas.


Once fitted the systems where pressure tested and commissioned by Air Options engineers and demonstrated to the client.


The client now benefits from having a fully cooled / temperature controlled office keeping their staff more productive.


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Key project points
  • Building: Office Building
  • Location: London
  • Manufacturer: Panasonic
  • Heating & Cooling: YES
  • Refrigerant: R410a
  • Objectives: Consult, Design & Install
  • Achievements: Phased During Normal Working Hours
  • Timescale: 2 Weeks