Process Cooling for DVD Replication Plant

A major producer of DVD’s turned to Air Options for help, as it was experiencing problems with its process cooling lines. The solution was the integration and use of stainless steel Lowara pumps from ITT industries.


The Company

One of the worlds largest manufacturers of pre-recorded media, including DVD’s, VHS video, CD-audio and audio Cassettes. Have facilities in the US, Europe and Latin America


The Problem

The key elements in the DVD Production line process are Singulus disc forming machines. The original pumping selection was causing significant contamination due to ferrous oxide, causing process downtime as a consequence of clogging the cooling system and subsequent timely related cleaning regimes. The uprated cooling solution needed to be one that allowed the same tolerances in control, flow and pressure as the existing.


The Solution

Via consultation with pumping specialist Lowara, a new solution was put in place to eliminate nearly all of the problems associated with contamination experienced as a consequence iron bodied pumps as well as keep in place the strict control measures aforementioned above.


“The System has been continuously running our production for 3 to 4 months and we’ve had zero downtime. An excellent job”

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Key project points
  • Building: Process Manufacturing Facility
  • Location: Suffolk
  • Manufacturer: Lowara / Daikin
  • Heating & Cooling: Cooling Only - Specialist Process
  • Appointment Objectives: Design / Consult / Install
  • Engineering Achievements: Flexible / Resilient Design
  • Timescale: 2 Months