Recording Studio Air Conditioning Installation

Air Options was appointed to undertake the supply + installation of new air conditioning as well as reinstallation of clients existing plant.


The client wished to have an existing system (removed by others) refitted into their new premises, to maximise re-use as well as a supplemental unit to cover an additional floor area.


The existing unit had several parts missing, controller / backplate / drain which we were able to source to allow for the re-use of the system, which would otherwise be redundant.


The existing and new unit was fully fitted with new interconnection pipework / drainage / interconnections as well as full refrigerant recharge as part of our commissioning.


Each system was independent to allow for separate heating / cooling demands within the same building across the floors.


We where also able to advise on system efficiencies when compared to the existing electric heating sources allowing the client to improve overall running costs as well as the ability to cool in summer.

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Key project points
  • Building: Cabin / Pod
  • Location: East London
  • Manufacturer: Fujitsu
  • Heating & Cooling: YES
  • Refrigerant: R410a – R32
  • Objectives: Re-Use / Parts Procurement / Energy Efficiency
  • Energy Savings: Reduced - Heatpump vs Electric Wall Heaters
  • Budget: >£5K
  • Timescale: 1 Week
  • Project Success: YES